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Whole Home Central Vacuum System

What is a whole home central vacuum system?

A whole house vacuum, or a central vacuum system, is an appliance that sucks dirt through hidden 2-inch pipes down to a 12-gallon canister. Central vacuum systems are versatile and accessible cleaning systems that offer cleaning convenience because they have inlets on each floor and in several locations. It can be used for all types of flooring as well as for unusual tasks such as pet grooming and concrete floor scrubbing.

Central vacuums allow for superior cleaning compared to traditional portable vacuums. Regardless of the central vacuum model chosen, the power is about three to five times greater than that of a mobile vacuum cleaner.

Central vacuum systems are highly effective at sucking up fine particles of dust, dirt, and other allergens and particles into a collection canister.


Central vacuum systems add value to your house, and even better—they have the approval of environmentalists. Recommended for green home constructions, installing a central vacuum system earns one LEED point.

A Vacuum With A 3-Part System

A central vacuum is a 3-part system that consists of:

Once your system is installed, you can use a variety of accesory kits that are designed for specific cleaning actions. Some popular cleaning tools are vacuum wands, hard floor brushes, upholstry tools, mini blind tools and pet grooming kits. 


Central vacuum systems require low maintenance. Follow these steps to keep your vacuum working at it’s best:

Ready to learn more?

If you would like to be able to vacuum your house quickly and quietly, without dragging around a vacuum cleaner, consider installing a built-in central vacuum system.