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Home Energy Audits

Home Energy Consultants provides Home Energy Audits in the greater Houston, Texas area. With an Energy Audit from Home Energy Consultants, we will identify multiple ways to decrease energy usage in your home, thereby saving you money. In addition, Energy Audits identify ways to increase the comfort in your home. Our Energy Audits also help our clients discover issues before they become costly problems. Lastly, by implementing the improvement strategies defined in a Home Energy Consultants Energy Audit, you find ways to increase the value of your home and do your part to help the environment and be green.

Home Energy Consultants founder, Gary Parr, has been a leader in energy efficiency, energy conservation service, and home performance since 1985.

Click the puzzle pieces below to learn more about the energy puzzle and how to start reducing energy consumption in your home.

Every day, homeowners ask:

…and many other important questions like these.

Our answer to all of these questions is, “We really don’t know, because we never just guess.”

For 30 years, energy conservation service and home performance has been built on one simple idea: that homeowners everywhere have home energy issues that are not always easily solved and, more importantly, are not easily assigned to a specific trade.

An Air Conditioning and Heating Company?
An Electrican?
Your Power Company?

A window company?
An insulation company?
An Air Conditioning and Heating Company?

The reality is, there is no right answer.

Because no matter whom you choose to start with, you would be guessing. Guessing can be frustrating and costly. At Home Energy Consultants, we have the experience to give homeowners a surefire “Plan” to solve their issues with NO more guessing.

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Home Energy Audit

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